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Regiment Limousin at Villinghausen 1761 by ManuLaCanette
Union Attack by liamreagan21
Prepare to die... by Viking011
Sturmtiger by Mattwhiteart
Celtic Age by VincentPompetti
Kataphraktoi! by DamianOswald
Alesia by VincentPompetti
Trough the jungle by AMELIANVS
Scenes-Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
Aurelianus and the Praetorian guard by AMELIANVS
Byzantine General Bardas Phokas by NikosBoukouvalas
Dane Holmgang by RobbieMcSweeney
Viking-skirmish by SteveRigby
Scenes-Middle Ages
Baldwin IV, the Leper King of Jerusalem by NikosBoukouvalas
CHARGE! by liamreagan21
Training Grounds by BillyAustria
RichardArsuf mperry 09-15-2014 by MikePerryArt
Battle of Koniecpol by Mitchellnolte
The Cholula Massacre by Kamikazuh
Capture the Hill, Battle of Wimpfen, May 6 1622 by FritzVicari
Ein sonderliches Stratagem, Waidheim, July 1621 by FritzVicari
Regiment Limousin at Villinghausen 1761 by ManuLaCanette
Union Attack by liamreagan21
Battling the Hessians: American Revolutionary War by Mitchellnolte
Obstinate and Bloody Battle by Mitchellnolte
Scenes-20th Century and Contemporary
High Seas Fleet by LordDoomhammer
RADAR by grievous15
Panzer in Vellage  (Black Ball-point Pen Work) by lhlclllx97
Hanomag by zap-nik
Scenes-Fantasy and SciFi
The Nazi Occult - Operation Highjump by wraithdt
The Anakin Solo over Kashyyyk by wraithdt
Battle of Tingel Deepspace Besh by wraithdt
cataphract by Simulyaton
Units and Characters-Antiquity
Celt Cavalry by sandu61
Vercingetorix by sandu61
Roman Legionnaire - Dacian Wars by sandu61
Roman Legion by JNathanIllustration
Units and Characters-Late Antiquity and Early MA
Flags/ battle standards of medieval Roman Empire by AMELIANVS
Medieval Roman Empire flags/battle standards by AMELIANVS
Flags/ battle standards of medieval Roman Empire by AMELIANVS
Danish Nobleman Circa 7th Century by RobbieMcSweeney
Units and Characters-Middle Ages
Units and Characters-Renaissance
Sacking Reiter, 1620s by FritzVicari
Units and Characters-Modern
Our Emperor Signed no Treaty... by NikosBoukouvalas
Units and Characters-20th Century and Contemporary
Russo-Japanese war,  Manchuria-Corea  1904-1905 by AndreaSilva60
Units and Characters-Fantasy and SciFi
Perseus - Character design by liamreagan21
WW2 Harley-Davidson by Mattwhiteart
IJN destroyer Amatsukaze by U-Joe
Warmachines-Fantasy and SciFi
Panzer by otomozok
Knights of the Swan helmet ideas by RobbieMcSweeney
Motte and bailey castle by SteveRigby
Group ID
Ars Militaria watermark white opacity 65% by Orphydian

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A fascinating group for all those who share the passion for military art, be it historical, fantasy or SciFi.

From panoramic battle scenes, warmachines, historical portraits and the ordinary soldier through the ages we are continously enriching our galleries while keeping an eye on the most important military artists here on da so that you to be granted with the most recent art you cherish.

Our aim is to connect all the fans and artists of the genre and to collect the finest deviations out there in order to become the ultimate dA destination when comes to military art.

As a general rule, with few exceptions and for the sake of consistency and the best administration of the group we are only accepting drawings and paintings for the moment.

You should also bare in mind that this group focus is on quality so only a part of the art would be accepted.

Join requests are automatically approved
The Europa Barbarorum team, responsible for the critically acclaimed modifications for Rome Total War and Medieval Total War II, are seeking to attract experienced 3D and 2D artists to assist us in the continuing development of our second release: Europa Barbarorum II. For those unfamiliar with our work, our aim is to modify the award winning title Medieval Total War II, developed by the Creative Assembly team, into the most historically accurate depiction of the period 272BC-AD14 possible. We provide players with the chance to lead one of the great civilisations from this period, including the successors of Alexander the Great, the Parthian kingdom and the Roman Republic, with a campaign map which stretches from the shores of Ireland to the borders of India. In order to achieve this aim, over the years our 3D and 2D artists have produced a variety units based on evidence provided by our team of archaeologists and ancient historians, examples of some are provided below.

There is still a wide variety of units which we seek to create, including some of history’s most popular and famous warriors; from the hoplites of Sparta to the fearsome Celtic peoples of Italy who caused such problems for Rome. We are therefore looking to attract skilled volunteers who would enjoy sharing in our work.

Ideally we are looking to attract volunteers who have experience in using the following programmes (but not exclusively):

3DS Max

An interest in history and archaeology would likewise be appreciated, but in no way necessary.

Thank you for your time.

Here is a link to some previews of our mod, where you can see what it's all about with a few pictures and videos:…


Roman Equipment

Roman helmets- 3rd cent. BC by OrphydianRoman helmets- 3rd cent. BC by OrphydianEquipment of an equites romani (cav) - 3rd cen. BC by OrphydianRoman shields - 3rd cent. BC by OrphydianRoman triarius weapons- 3rd cen.BC by OrphydianEquites Romani- 3rd cen. BC by Orphydian

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Vellervell Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
So this is where the ww2 art community went after the artnazigroup got allied nuked in 2014
Gukpard Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, do you know someone who take requests? I would like to see a drawing of a integralist militian :P
Orphydian Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ive thought about a way to mediate these things  through our group  since Ive started it. Do you have a suggestion on how to conveniently do that?
Gukpard Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I do not know how to it in deviantart, but you could create a facebook group and organizate things there

If you find someone, this is how a integralist soldier looks like:…

they used this shirt:……

NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
For being in general interested, but only have literature and §D works, i would like to suggest at last a folder for digital/3D-stuff, or maybe a folder what is used to claim the best 20-30% for a Digital Art folder that get´s shown in the group. Well, just ideas. Would like to see a chance to show my works also, and i guess many digital artist also would(and hey, we know that creating art with digital tools can raise the worst in a wannabe-artist;)).
Orphydian Featured By Owner Edited Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
there are both digital and traditional paintings and drawings.  3d category is really a hefty category and we decide to only acept rare exceptions of this kind of art , meaning they have to be very well execvuted, historically themed (there is a proliferation of scifi items and this isnt our main scope) and  presented in an artistically maner (like you see on the Roman equipment series) and ofc
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Okay, so the "A fascinating group for all those who share the passion for military art, be it historical, fantasy or SciFi." is a bit misleading for those who look for a group. No prob with that - every taste needs it´s corner, but artists with the ability and will to read the rules of a group are rare enough. And those get frustrated quick if the rules not fit to the reality. 

As a scifi/fantasy creator i like to describe things, give them a context in the world and at last the idea of a technological function. And this point seem to fall off with the "this isnt our main scope". Don´t know if my works fit to someones quality standarts, and it´s hard to work without guidlines. 
But well, you clear the point of SciFi, what is most primarily for me. Thanx for that. 
Orphydian Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
the scifi category is for the main Paintings and drawings not for 3ds exceptions.  I thought it was pretty clear cause I don't want to list too many rules and exceptions from what I want a simple group presentation.
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LinusLino Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
Hey guys,

i am researching the warfare of Ancient Sudan and need someone who is able to reconstruct a horseharness from found fragments aswell some textual informations. The drawing itself dont has to be a masterpiece, it just should be as detailled and accurate as possible. 

The reward for you would be that you would have drawn the first ever published ancient Sudanese horseharness.

Please tell me if someone here is interested
PrussianHetareFox Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hi I think I submitted this to the wrong folder...
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